Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chanel Iman Covers Prestige Indonesia Mag

Fabulous Supermodel Chanel Iman is featured on the front of Prestige Indonesia Magazine:



She looks absolutely stunning! Loving all the looks

*Click here for more fab pics from this shoot


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway (RTR) is a dress rental company that allows women to rent high end, runway fashions at a fraction of the cost.  This is perfect for the Fashionista who wants to look and feel glamorous in a couture dress or gown just for one night, but can't afford the "high end" price tag.  RTR allows you to rent high fashion pieces for 4 to 8 days starting at $50.  RTR is similar to Bag, Borrow, or Steal, the designer handbag rental company that was mentioned in the Sex and the City movie by Jennifer Hudson's character.

This concept is perfect for weddings, black tie affairs, cocktail parties, etc.  I hate going places and seeing someone in the exact same dress I'm wearing.   I also hate when I go somewhere and I see someone in a piece and I know exactly where they bought it from and how much they paid for it because I saw it in the store.  With RTR, you can almost guarantee that you won't see someone in your same dress.

Renting a couture design from RTR can be done just 3 easy steps:

Rent-The-Runway Browse through our array of A-list designers and find a dress you love. Or two!

Rent-The-Runway Schedule a delivery date, and your dress will appear on your doorstep. Next-day and even same-day delivery (if you live in NYC) is available, for last-minute wardrobe crises. And we’ll send you a second, back-up size—just to be safe.

Rent-The-Runway Put your dress in our handy pre-paid packaging and drop in the nearest mailbox (we take care of the dry cleaning!).

Visit Rent The Runway at and sign up for a personal invite for access to the website.  I signed up and received my invitation within a couple of days.  Once I received the invitation I was able to view all of the runway dresses available for rent.  Here are a few that I liked:

The following dresses are from Roberto Rodriguez Collection.  You can rent any of these for a total of $50 or $75 for a minimum of 4 days. 

 I love the rocker edge of this dress.  Very cute!
This one-sleeved dress is cute and adorned with metal studs.  Love it!
This reminds me of a Herve Leger dress.  Love the color and contrast criss-cross detail
I LOVE this sequined romper.  Yes, those are shorts.  I thought it was a shirt when I first saw it.

I love this Herve Leger dress.  Even though I think celebs have worn these dresses to death, I still wouldn't mind being able to wear one of his bandage style dresses even if just for a night.  You can rent this and other popular Herve Leger designs for a total of $150 for 4 days.

RTR gets new designs in on a weekly basis.  They'll even send you two different sizes at no extra cost just in case the first size doesn't work out.  You can rent up to 4 dresses at a time.  I know a lot of you are thinking "Why would I pay all of this money to rent a dress when I can put that much towards a dress that I can own?"  I thought the same thing, but when I think about it, a lot of times when I wear something to a major event I normally don't wear it again, especially if I took pictures in it.  But even still, I don't know if I am totally sold on the idea of renting a dress because if I really like it, chances are I'm going to want to keep it even if I don't wear it ever again.  At the present time RTR does not give you the option to purchase the dress after you've rented it.

So what do you think? Are you willing to Rent the Runway to look fabulous in a couture dress for one night?


Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 American Music Awards

The 2009 AMA's aired last night.  It was a pretty entertaining show to say the least.  There were a lot of good performers.  Besides the performances, the red carpet has always been my favorite aspect of any awards show.  Here are some of my favorite looks for the night:

Singer Leona Lewis looked hot in this futuristic looking dress.

Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton looked cute in this Sass and Bide dress.

And I have to admit, as much as I love Rihanna and her fashion sense, I wasn't feeling this dress at first.  But the more I look at the pictures, the more it grows on me.  I don't think this dress would have been acceptable on anyone else.  She looks stunning as usual.

*BTW Rihanna's album "Rated R" dropped today.  Go cop that if you haven't done so already

Alicia Keys looked nice in this multi-blue dress. Very good look for her.

I like this black glitzy dress that Keri Hilson wore

Mary J Blige looked very elegant in all black.  Loving the new hairstyle on her, too.

And last but not least, I'm loving this feathery dress J-Lo wore. (LOL @ the people in the background breaking their necks to look out the door) 


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sex Up Your Christmas Tree

Add a little "Sexiness" to your tree this holiday season with these cute little Sex And The City Christmas tree ornaments:



If you're a SATC fan like myself, I know u just about fainted when you saw these.  These cute little ornanments can be found at the HBO Store along with other SATC items.


Infinity Dress

Donna Karan has created a jersey dress that can be worn an infinite number of ways.  The designer calls her latest design "The Infinity Dress"

*Click image to enlarge
Notice the 9 different ways this dress can be worn.  Very interesting.  Donna Karan describes the Infinity Dress as "Chic.Modern.Versatile..." This transforming garment can be found at No word on the website as to how much this bad boy costs.  You have to contact a "Personal Shopper" for ordering and pricing information.  I sure hope the dress comes with visual step-by-step instructions on how to create each of the various looks because half of them I can't figure out. *scratching head*


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy

I am posting this video because beside this being one of thee hottest songs on the radio right now, I'm am loving the vintage look and feel of this video. Everything from the vintage the vintage decor (chandeliers, antique furniture, vintage mirrors, rustic walls, etc) the vintage inspired fashions.  The entire video just screams Old Hollywood Glamour.  Check it out!


Monday, November 16, 2009

The Wait is Ova

HaHa! I know that's the promo slogan Rihanna has been using for her upcoming album, but I am applying it to Beyonce's new video for "Video Phone" featuring Lady Gaga.  The release of this video has been much anticipated for the past couple of weeks.  There was a false release date and time a couple of weeks ago and many fans were left disappointed when the video didn't premiere.  It was announced that it would be released at a later date.  Well, today is the big day.  Here is the official video for "Video Phone"

One Word: "HAWT"  (and I didn't realize that Gaga can REALLY sing)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Return of the Plaid Flannel

Oversized plaid flannel shirts are making a comeback this Fall season.  This look is comfortable yet stylish.  Many people may argue that oversized plaid shirts look bummy or very grungy, but it's all in "how" you wear it and accessorize with it.  The plaid shirt trend looks good with a belt around the wait for a more "fitted" look.  They also go great with skinny jeans and leggings.  During warmer months, an oversized plaid shirt looks good over a pair of denim shorts and cowboy boots.  Check out some of favorite celebs out and about in their plaid shirts:

Rihanna looks very stylish in her oversized plaid shirt, denim shorts, and ankle boots. I love how she pulled it together with the skinny belt. The plaid shirt she's wearing can be found at Top Shop for a whopping $195.

Rapper Eve looks comfy shopping in her flannel plaid shirt, leggings, and ballet flats.

Mary-Kate Olsen (who is often referred to as the "creator" of this popular trend) looks a little perturbed while out in her oversized flannel.  I like how she has one side tucked in and the other hanging down.  What's more to love about this look is the fact that it probably wasn't even done intentionally.

Lauren Conrad looks laid back cute at the airport in her plaid shirt and skinny jeans.

Christina Aguilera was spotted back in March leaving Hollywood's Viper Room in her plaid shirt and leggings.

Vanessa Hudgens wore her long, overly baggy plaid shirt with shorts giving off the illusion that she wasn't wearing any bottoms at all.

Lindsey Lohan wore a Lumber Jack flannel with leggings and flat boots while out and about.

Katie Holmes went Christmas plaid on us with long shirt and skinny jeans.

This look is easy to pull off. Plaid flannel shirts can be found any where and at different price levels.  Thrift Stores are a good, affordable outlet for plaid shirts. You can also find them at places like Forever 21 and online stores like Delia's.

This plaid flannel can be found at Forever
21 here

And this shirt can be found at Delia's here