Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2 Weeks Until Jimmy Choo

Remember the post I did about Jimmy Choo and H&M collaborating on a new collection? Well the time is near.  In just two weeks (November 14th to be exact), Jimmy Choo for H&M will debut in stores nationwide.  Here is an exclusive video featuring Tamara Mellon, President and founder of Jimmy Choo, debuting a lot of the pieces from the long anticipated collection.  Most of the pieces I presented in my previous post are shown in the video.

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bold Prints

Bold prints are in this season.  Motel is a British fashion label that incorporates  fierce, colorful, daring, and even animalistic prints in their pieces.  Check out the following designs from this British collection:


The back of this dress is so adorable with the dainty bows.
I love the cityscape design on this dress.  This dress is very sexy!

This is called the Zoe dress and has a 90's inspired galaxy print with a wolf.  Very colorful and girly.

This pattern reminds me of one of my favorite prints: Damask. This cute little number has a vintage chic appeal

This dog tooth and heavy chain print is very bold and daring.

This vibrant blue rose print is pretty!

Bold prints aren't for the shy and reserved.  You have to be outgoing and want to be the center of attention to pull off these looks.  The good thing about Motel is that it is a very affordable line.  So, you can be stylish without breaking the bank.  Another good thing about this British label is they use their prints on a lot of different pieces, thus giving u variety and a lot to choose from.  Oftentimes you see a print that you like, but you don't necessarily like the actual piece itself.  Motel's collections can be found at Asos and on its website .


Friday, October 23, 2009

All Black Everything

Ever since Jay Z coined the phrase "All Black Everything" in his song 'Run This Town' off of his latest Blue Print 3 album, I've been noticing everyone literally dressed in all black everything.  This just goes to show how influential Jay Z is.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't recall seeing this many people in all black prior to Jay Z's lyrics in the song.  Now, if you're going to rock all black from head to toe, you have to know how to do it.  Here are some pictures of some people that I feel totally nailed this look:

Singer Ciara wore all black to her bff Kim Kardashian's birthday celebration the other night.  Those are Christian Louboutin boots she's rocking by the way.

Halle Berry looked absolutely gorgeous in this black number at Alicia Key's "Keep A Child Alive" event (which is a Black Ball). She looks damn good to be in her 40's.
Supermodel Iman also looked stunning in this adorable black dress at Alicia Key's "Keep A Child Alive" event.  She's another one who looks great for her age.

Mary J Blige also attended Alicia Key's event in "all black everything"

Robin Thicke's beautiful wife, actress Paula Patton wore a fabulous black dress to the same event.

Her hubby, Robin Thicke, even joined in on the "all black everything" fun

Jennifer Hudson is looking good post baby in this black get-up.

Even Raven Simone looks stunning in her all black.

Vivica Fox hosted the Fox Really Awards in the black ball gown

R&B newcomer Melanie Fiona also successfully pulls off the "all black everything" look.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fur Stoles

Fur stoles are making a comeback this fall.  They have already been spotted on many Fall fashion runways this year.


 My favorite girl Rihanna has rocked this furry trend on more than one occasion:

Earlier this year, she was seen in a more casual version of the fur stole as she was entering DaSilvano Restaurant in New York

Last month she was spotted wearing a black fur stole over an Alexander Wang dress at her manager's wedding in Italy.

Naomi Campbell wore the same exact Alexander Wang dress to the Black Girls Rock event where she was the recipient of the Fashionista award.  Naomi also topped it with a fur stole.

And here Rihanna is again wearing another casual version of the fur stole.

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham pairing a stole over one of her own original designs.

Victoria Beckham wearing another stole.  Damn the stole, that bag is HOT!

Sarah Jessica Parker looks very elegant in this faux fur stole

Model Chanel Iman looks fabulous in this tuxedo look.

Men can wear fur stoles, too.  Just ask Mr. West


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Barbie Wears Shoes With the "Red Bottoms"

Famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin has teamed up with Mattel and created a new Barbie collection.  The collection will consist of three Barbie dolls that will be packaged in Louboutin shoe boxes.  Each doll will come with four different Barbie sized Louboutin shoes.  The three dolls will be released separately.  A jewel-thief themed Barbie will be released in December, a safari-themed Barbie in February, and a Cannes Festival Barbie in December.  Each doll will retail for $150.  You can purchase them at  and

In addition, the designer himself will make appearances with Barbie in a photo diary titled "My Year in Paris with Christian Louboutin".

The photo diary will be released in December.  It comes with the Jewel Thief themed Barbie and retails for $40.  Here are some images from the diary.  See if you can spot Mr Louboutin in each of the images:


Here's a picture of the Barbie-Pink, red soled Louboutin shoe that premiered in Barbie's birthday runway show during New York Fashion Week in February.

*Sigh* Who would've thought Barbie would've beaten me to my first pair of Christian Louboutins.  I guess this brings truth to the following statement:


Friday, October 16, 2009

Trendsetter Jewelry

  Crux New York is a jewelry company created by two California Natives, Sennie Clark and Ahyiana Angel, who now reside in New York.  The two friends used their creativity and their love for fashion to design a jewelry line to help them survive the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.  Each piece is designed with the trendsetter in mind.


 The pieces shown above are made of an intertwined, mesh piping material.  I'm loving the bright colors!

  I absolutely love feathers, so I was instantly "sold" on these exotic earrings made from pheasant feathers. 

These red faux flower petal earrings make a bold statement. You are guaranteed to turn heads and be the center of attention in these silk beauties.

These royal blue and black feathered earrings hang approximately 8" long, thus adding a bit of exotic flair to any outfit.

Now these are very unique and one of a kind.  They are made of pink leather, purple lace, with a gold coin trim.  As soon as I saw these, I thought of Madonna and her "Material Girl" days.  These are very cute and give off an 80's/Retro vibe.

If you're a diva who likes to be in the spotlight, then Crux New York is for you.   Go check 'em out at