Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bold Prints

Bold prints are in this season.  Motel is a British fashion label that incorporates  fierce, colorful, daring, and even animalistic prints in their pieces.  Check out the following designs from this British collection:


The back of this dress is so adorable with the dainty bows.
I love the cityscape design on this dress.  This dress is very sexy!

This is called the Zoe dress and has a 90's inspired galaxy print with a wolf.  Very colorful and girly.

This pattern reminds me of one of my favorite prints: Damask. This cute little number has a vintage chic appeal

This dog tooth and heavy chain print is very bold and daring.

This vibrant blue rose print is pretty!

Bold prints aren't for the shy and reserved.  You have to be outgoing and want to be the center of attention to pull off these looks.  The good thing about Motel is that it is a very affordable line.  So, you can be stylish without breaking the bank.  Another good thing about this British label is they use their prints on a lot of different pieces, thus giving u variety and a lot to choose from.  Oftentimes you see a print that you like, but you don't necessarily like the actual piece itself.  Motel's collections can be found at Asos and on its website www.motelrocks.com .



~Y said...

The first two are my favorite, because I heart animal print!!! So hot!

Btw, send me ure home addy! U won some eyelashes. :-)

Anonymous said...