Thursday, September 10, 2009

To Match? Or Not to Match?

When choosing shoes for an outfit, it is typically common for most people to search  for a shoe that matches perfectly.  A lot of times an outfit will sit in our closets for months because we don't have a shoe that matches.  I will admit that I am guilty of this myself.  If you've paid attention to celebrity style on the red carpet or caught a glimpse designer runways, you've noticed that "matchy-matchy" is no longer in.

As a fashion "rule of thumb", shoes no longer have to match your outfit.  Instead they should compliment your attire by adding a splash of color to it.

The Hills' Audrina Patridge looks stunning at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards in this fuchsia dress (even though it looks purple) paired with "turquoise" shoes. Also notice how she chose a purple clutch.  While the shoes and clutch don't necessarily match the dress, they both give it some "Umph".  The turquoise shoes adds a nice pop of color.  She also went a totally different direction (colorwise) with the taupe beaded necklace and bracelet.  Pairing this dress with matching fuchsia shoes would have been way too "matchy-matchy" and rather hideous.  Also, pairing it with black shoes would've been acceptable, but boring. 

Also at the 2009 Teech Choice Awards, Leighton Meester wore a monochromed striped sailer dress with red patent pumps. She looks amazing. The red shoes definitely work with the dress.

Alexis Bledel wore a blue lace dress and sandals with red and white contrasting straps.  The shoes give the dress a fun, patriotic look.

Jada Pinkett-Smith added some pizazz to her black pants and navy blazer by wearing pink shoes.  Her shoes really stand out and breathes life into the somewhat drab, dark colors she's wearing. (side note: I hope that's not a cigarette she's holding in her hand)

Kelly Rowland pairs purple shoes with black jeans and a leopard print top. I'll admit that I'm not crazy about this combination, but it does indeed add a little spunk to the outfit.  You have to be confident enough to pull this and any of the other looks off.  You can't care what others will have to say about your "color blindness"  You have to "own" this look.

Solange, who has always been a "risk taker" when it comes to fashion, paired bright, fuchsia colored shoes with a taupe colored dress. While this is probably not a look that I would personally go for myself, I applaud Solange for stepping out of the box with this one.  The average person would've thrown on a pair of black shoes and called it a day, lol!

As I mentioned before, this trend is not for the shy or meek at heart.  If you would feel subconscious wearing shoes that don't match the rest of your attire, then this look is not for you.  Confidence is the key when piecing together any outfit.  If you don't feel confident, it will definitely show and those around you won't feel you or the look you're going for. 

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Yakini said...

I love how those red shoes look with that black/white sheath.

Solange looks stunning.