Sunday, October 4, 2009

Go Nude!

Nude pumps are probably one of the best fashion investments you could ever make.  Like basic black pumps, nude pumps go with virtually everything.  Throwing black shoes on when you don't have any to match the color(s) you're wearing can get rather boring.  There have been times when I've decided to just not wear an outfit until I bought matching shoes for it instead of throwing on black shoes.  Ladies, if you've ever felt this way, nude pumps is the answer.  We have seen this look on several of our favorites celebs while out and about or at red carpet events.  Check out some of my favorite looks below:

Kim Kardashian wearing a nude pump with a yellow dress.

The beautiful Eva Longoria pairs nude pumps with an aqua colored dress.

Hillary Duff at the MTV Studios

Ema Watson rocked a cute and simple look with her nude pumps

Cameron Diaz opted for a new pump instead of throwing on a basic black pump.

Singer Ciara was spotted a couple of times with nude on her feet.

Beyonce wore nude pumps with this cute light teal colored dress as she was honored this past weekend by Billboard as Woman of the Year

Nude heels creates an illusion of added height.  The nude color works to extend the leg.  This is perfect for someone short like myself.  I am definitely on a hunt to find a comfortable pair of nude pumps to add to my wardrobe.


Shantel said...

I love nude pumps! My only problem is that I'm having a hard time finding some!!!

Fa'Shun Groupie said...

Really? I used to see them all the time. I haven't searched for any in a while. The 1st places I would look are Steve Madden, Aldo, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom...

Yakini said...

I love nude pumps. They look so great with practically everything!!!

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Yakini said...

And P.S. I found a REAL nice pair at Macy's, by Nine West. I love them!!!!

Fa'Shun Groupie said...

Oh ok! I didn't understand how to enter. I was getting a headache looking at all of those "rules", lol! But, now I get it, lol! I'm going to blog over the weekend and I'll do it. So, I have to leave a separate comment for each. I get it now.