Saturday, November 21, 2009

Infinity Dress

Donna Karan has created a jersey dress that can be worn an infinite number of ways.  The designer calls her latest design "The Infinity Dress"

*Click image to enlarge
Notice the 9 different ways this dress can be worn.  Very interesting.  Donna Karan describes the Infinity Dress as "Chic.Modern.Versatile..." This transforming garment can be found at No word on the website as to how much this bad boy costs.  You have to contact a "Personal Shopper" for ordering and pricing information.  I sure hope the dress comes with visual step-by-step instructions on how to create each of the various looks because half of them I can't figure out. *scratching head*



~Y said...

That's a cute concept. I like 4 and 6 especially.

Shantel said...

You can buy the same type of dress at - it's called a convertible dress, I bought one for my cruise & loved it.