Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alter Ego

Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child is one of the many celebrities to do an "Alter Ego" photo shoot with Atlanta's famed photographer Derek Blanks.  Kelly's alter ego was "Rosie the Riveter" vs Pin-Up girl.



I LOVE it! Kelly is such a fabulous chick. This is probably one of my favorite alter ego shoots to date.  Check out more of Derek Blank's work at dblanks.com.

Here's a "behind the scenes" video from the photo shoot:

And here are some other pictures that Kelly took with Mr. Blanks:

Absolutely Stunning!



~Y said...

Kelly looks so pretty! Dern, I clicked on his link, he is so talented. And he's worked with so many people!

Gosh, I'd love to do an alter ego shoot so bad. How cool would that be!

Fa'Shun Groupie said...

Yeah D. Blanks is the truth! What would ur alter ego be? lol

~Y said...

I'd probably do some kinda church lady (big hat, long flowered dress, lace gloves, the whole nine) and then some kinda dominatrix/freak chick. lmao

Fa'Shun Groupie said...

LOL! I know Michelle Williams from Destiny's child was a church woman in her alter ego. Can't remember what the other part was. Did u see Kenya Moore's? She was Barbie and Ken. She was was dressed as both. Hers was cute. She really looked like a Barbie. I instantly thought of you, lol