Monday, January 18, 2010

Turn Up the Heat!

That title is very appropriate for the cold temps Atlanta and other cities/states around the U.S. have been experiencing this winter.  But this time I'm not referring to the weather.  I'm speaking of singer, Beyonce's new fragrance called "Heat".  She recently filmed the official commercial for the fragrance.  I found some really cute "behind the scenes" pictures online from the commercial shoot.  I love "behind the scenes" photos and video footage.  They are always so candid.  Candid shots make the best pictures.








And here is one of her ads for "Heat"

And here is the finished product:

Very Sexy and Sultry. But what else would you expect from Mrs. Carter? I haven't smelled this fragrance yet.  If any of you have experienced "Heat" please leave a comment and let me know whether or not you like it. 


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~Y said...

Bey looks HAWT in that red. I love behind the scenes pics too!