Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Basket Ball Wives Evelyn Lozada in Herve Leger

If you're a fan of VH-1's Basket Ball Wives like myself, then I'm pretty sure you've been enjoying this season and can't wait for the reunion show which will air in a couple of weeks.  The reunion show was already taped and I heard there will be a lot of drama (are we really surprised?).

One of the stars of BBW, Evelyn Lozada, twitpic'd a picture of herself in the dress she wore on this season's reunion show.

It's a Herve Leger Geometric (see-through) Jacquard Bandage dress and she looks HOT in it.

Here is a pic of the hot little number on the runway

I was a fan of the Herve Leger dress Evelyn worn on last season's reunion show:

BOTH dresses are STUNNING, but I think this year's dress is my favorite of the two.  Which dress is your favorite?


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Yakini @ThePrissyMommy said...

I like her dress from this year. Honestly, she looked so weird and thin on that reunion show that it's hard for me to be objective about her dress.