Saturday, August 27, 2011

Color Blocking Trend for Men

One of my favorite trends this summer is "color blocking".  Color blocking is when you combine different colors that support and compliment each other. This hot trend has been extremely popular amongst women, and easily so. I mean, what girl doesn't like bright colors?  Color blocking can also be done by men, however, it takes a very confident man who is not afraid of color to successfully pull it off.

Yesterday, I was perusing through my tumblr account and came across this picture of actor Lance Gross on his personal tumblr page:

He totally nailed the "color blocking" concept here.  He took (what appears to be) a light aqua colored blazer and put it over a blue t-shirt and white pants.  Also, notice the grey "flower" on the lapel of the jacket. And I can't help but to notice the blue watch on his wrist.  Very nice and well put together. And it also doesn't hurt that he is very, very easy on the eyes. Lance wore this outfit to an Edge Magazine anniversary party. *side note* I wish we could see what shoes he paired with this outfit.

Here are pictures of  some other men who are also capable of pulling off color blocking:

Kanye West has the color blocking concept down to a "T" in this picture.  He used tan, orange and turquoise to achieve his look.  All three colors compliment each other and look good together.  Good job, Mr. West! (and again, I would like to see the shoes)

Model Taejahn Taylor appeared in a color blocking spread in GQ Spain Magazine called "Ola De Color" back in June 2011.  The spread includes this picture along with many others of the handsome model rocking several different color blocking looks.  

I came across this picture on tumblr.  This young man successfully pulls off color blocking.  The colorful background makes his outfit "pop" even more.  I don't know who he is, but I found this picture on his tumblr page:

It is nothing more refreshing than seeing a man that is confident in his own skin.  It really takes a man with an impeccable style, who is not afraid to go outside of the box, to pull off color blocking.  The age old theory that only women can wear bright colors has now turned into a myth as proven by the pictures in this post.

Women, what do you think of the color blocking trend for men? Would you want to see your man in bright colors? Or would you prefer for him to stay inside the box? 

Are there any men reading this that has tried color blocking or wouldn't be afraid to try it?



Yakini said...

These guys look great! I love color blocking on men - more should be so adventurous. ;-)

DavidMichaelSF said...

I was just inspired by the idea that spring is nearing and I wanted a new look. Last fall and winter I rocked a grungy street look. I wanted to try color blocking for spring/summer but I wasn't sure exactly how "In" it is for guys so I began to google it. Finally, after coming across this blog, I'm even more excited

Fashion Groupie said...

I'm so glad I could inspire you! Please email me a pic of yourself rocking this trend and I'll feature u on my blog. So excited to see what u come up with!

David Michael said...

Ok. So I just finished a shoot that I styled and have photos ready to share with you.

Fashion Groupie said...

Oh cool! Send them to and I'll do a post on it. Thank You!