Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chic Summer Beach Bags

Even though Summer is pretty much over, there are some vacation beach spots that stay warm all year round.  If you're a fashionista like myself, you like to look stylish at all times, even while relaxing on the beach.  Chic beach bags are the ideal beach accessory.

This beach bag from Funky Bagz is perfect for fashion divas.  It kind of has a retro/1970's feel.

I love this beach shopper which can be found at Target online.

This cute tote can be found here.

I "heart" this Heart tote bag.  This was once sold at Delia's 

This black straw beach tote from  River Island could also double as a purse.

 Being a California Native, I absolutely love this bag (and LA, too)
 For the candy lover in you
This is for Sushi lovers like myself.  Too cute!
*These three bags can all be found at Loyal Army

And last but not least, this pink collection can be found at Lily Pulitzer



Yakini said...

I love those Lil Pulitzer bags - remind me of Kate Spade a little bit.

I also like "It's A Shore Thing" (although me and you are both so crafty I feel like we could figure out how to make that one ourselves!)

Candy Shop bag is cute too - dang, i wish this was a giveaway post, lol. I'd love to "win" one of these bags!

Fa'Shun Groupie said...

Those Lily Pulitzer ones are SO "you"! Yeah I like ALL of the ones from Loyal Army. They had some other cute ones on their site.