Saturday, September 5, 2009

Earrings With Flair

Flair Designs by Briar (F.D.B.B.) is a custom made earring line designed by a dear friend of mine, Briar Williams.  The inspiration for this anomalous collection was Briar's frustration with finding the right accessories needed to pull her outfits together.  She desired something that represented her personality and wasn't finding that in shopping malls and accessory boutiques.




These chic earrings are one-of-a-kind and custom made to fit your own unique personality.  F.D.B.B. has various collections such as: Denim Flair, Femme Flair, Abstract Attack, and many more.

"80's BABY"
Don't see a pair you like? No problem(although I highly doubt you will have that problem) F.D.B.B. accepts custom requests, as uniqueness and creativity is strongly encouraged and welcomed.
Briar describes FLAIR as: "distinct style and elegance, classy and voguish".

*Briar featured on the runway with one of her models

As you can see,  Briar's designs have been featured on runways and many more to come in the near future.  By now, I know you're dying to rock some of these flair designs of your own.  Head on over to the F.D.B.B. website for many more designs and to place your order.



Yakini said...

Hmmm, i've been looking to replace my absolute favorite pair of chandelier earrings that I lost about a year ago. Does Briar have any chandelier earrings? Matter of fact, let me head over and check her out....

Fa'Shun Groupie said...

You can make a custom request on her website and describe what you want and she'll get back to you on whether or not she can do it.