Tuesday, September 29, 2009

H&M Welcomes Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo and H&M have joined forces and are designing an accessory collection which includes shoes, bags, and accessories for both women and men.  Jimmy Choo has also extended its design vision for this collection to women's clothing to complement the accessories.  The designer promises that it will be the same quality, but at affordable prices. The release date is November 14th and will be sold in 200 H&M stores nationwide.  The buzz has been going around for some time about this much anticipated collabo and the preview photos were released online a few days ago.


Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection:





Check out the rest of the collection over at nitrolicious.com



Yakini said...

That jumper is so hot! I've been looking for a cute PINK jumper for a long time (lol) so please help me keep an eye out for one!!!!

Yeah, i remember first hearing about Jimmy Choo merging with H&M and i have mixed feelings about it. Exclusivity is pretty critical to higher-end consumers... which is why having too many stores or, in this case, introducing a less expensive line, can detract from the overall brand name of luxury retailers.

I own stock in Tiffany & Co... and i remember some years back they faced shaky times due to the economy and all. So my shares took a plunge. I read the papers to stay abreast of what was happening with them and apparently, in a desperate attempt to counter the rocky economy and improve sales, they started adding more stores and also introduced less expensive offerings (ie, that sterling silver charm-looking bracelet that all the teenage girls had). Unfortunately, analysts said that this ended up hurting the company more than helping it, as it diluted Tiffany's repuation with the more affluent customers, since it shifted them down market.

So Im not sure if Mr. Choo is doing the right thing by introducing this more "affordable" line at H&M. Even though the more affluent consumer will still be able to find the higher end items at the nicer department stores, it does in a way change the image. Temporarily he may do well and find it financially lucrative... but in the long run, dont know if the impact on his image is worth it.

*shrug* BUT with all that said, those shoes are sure cute. I cant wait to see what they carry at the H&M in Herald's Square.

~Y said...

I wish that pantsuit came in pink. I'd so rock that.