Monday, September 28, 2009

Fade to Black

On September 24th, MAC Cosmetics introduced its new MAC Style Black collection.  All of the products in this collection have black hues, thus creating alluring looks for the Fall.  MAC Cosmetics describes this new line as "....a celebration of going madly, deliriously noir."


The black "Goth" look is not for everybody. You have to definitely be willing to "step out of the box" to wear these colors.  However, all of the products in the Style Black collection aren't all black as shown in the first picture above.

This collection includes Mineralize Eye Shadows which can be worn on the face, eyes or body. These shadows work best on the eyes when "foiled" or worn wet:

These colors are very pretty and each has a nice reflective shimmer.  These will also last you a while because they are huge! 
Product Color Description:
Top Left:  Blue Flame - Black with Blue Pearl
Top Right: Young Punk - Black with Pink Purple Pearl
Bottom Left: Cinderfella - Black with Silver Pearl
Bottom Right: Gilt by Association - Black with Gold Bronze Pearl

Glimmerglass (shown below) is a lightweight gloss formula that gives your lips a glimmery sparkle and shine. It can be worn on top of your lipstick.

Product Color Description:
Top: Blackware - Creamy True Black
Middle: Bling Black - Sheer Black with Gold Pearl
Bottom: Blackfire - Sheer Black with Pink Purple Pearl

Shown above are the Mattene Lipsticks in Midnight Media (Dense Matte Black) and Night Violet (Deep Purple Grape).  These are matte lipsticks which are creamier, softer, and glides on easily.  They provide intense color and won't cake up or dry out.

Lipstick called Black Knight.  This is a Creamy True Black color.  You will probably see this color on Fall runways this year.  You definitely have to be very bold and daring to wear this as a stand alone color.

This Greasepaint Stick is an eye crayon that is used as a base for powder shadows.  It has a purple shimmer to it.  It can also be used as a liner, if you like your liner to be thick.  Perfect for creating a smokey eye.

These Cream Color Bases are to be worn as a base for powder shadow.  These are also perfect for creating smokey eye looks.  R to L: Black Bat (Blackened Burgandy w/Pink Pearl) and Black (Creamy True Black)

Nail Laquer in Nocturnelle, Seriously Hip, and Baby Goth Girl

Kim Kardashian is shown wearing products from the MAC Style Black collection.  I think she looks creepishly beautiful!  If you are daring enough to wear this look, check out this Black Lip Tutorial video on the MAC Cosmetics website.

How many of you have already purchased or plan to purchase products from this new collection?  I kinda dig it myself and I will definitely be purchasing a few items from this collection.



Yakini said...

Geez, not a fan of the goth/black look BUT these promotional photos look so flippin hot I may have to check out at least one or two pieces!!! I may just go to the 125th store and let them give me a makeover with the new collection - see what it looks like!

I love playing w/makeup - so much fun!!!! LOL

Fa'Shun Groupie said...

Aren't they hot?! I love playing in make-up, too. Ooh Yaki, have them put the black or a dark lipstick on just for fun. I wanna see! lol