Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stylishly Different Jewelry

I always love to hear stories of how successful fashion designers got started in the industry. Ken Leung and Dana Chin were college roommates and Wall St. workers.  In 2003, they both quit their lucrative careers to pursue jewelry making. In 2004, their handmade jewelry line Ken and Dana Design was introduced to the world of fashion.

Their Fashion Jewelry line is known as the "b-side"

The "b-side" features three collections: Rights, Graffiti, and Cubes

My favorite is the Graffiti Collection:


Here are just a few of my favorite one-of-a-kind pieces from the Graffiti Collection:

Graffiti Bangle tagged with the phrase "Legalize Art"

Red Enamel Graffiti Ring tagged with the statment "Legalize Art"

Graffiti Stones and Chains Earrings also bearing the phrase "Legalize Art"

Check out the rest of this colorful collection here

The Rights Collection is unique because each piece represents four Supreme Court Cases with the actual case numbers inscribed on the jewelry


Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Rights Collection:

Rights Multi-Case and Chain necklace features all four Supreme Court Case numbers

Check out the rest of this symbolic collection here

The Cubes Collection features jewelry cubes on each piece:


Check out the rest of this geometric collection here

Ken and Dana Designs have been featured in many fashion magazine publications such as Lucky, W, and Harper's Bizarre to name a few.  Beyonce and Keri Hilson have been spotted out and about wearing Ken and Dana Design jewelery:

Beyonce is wearing the Geometric Brass & Leather Long Necklace from the Cubes Collection

Keri Hilson wore the Long Brass Plate and Chain Necklace from the Graffiti Collection to the 2009 BET Awards

Also be sure to check out Ken and Dana Design's Fine Jewelry line called BYLU here


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Yakini said...

That graffiti handcuff bangle is cute and different. Me likey! :-)