Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She by Sheree

If you're a fan of the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), then I'm sure you're familiar with She by Sheree clothing line.  She by Sheree was first debuted on Season 1 of RHOA, but unfortunately viewers didn't get to see any of the designs due to a slight "snafu" on the seamstress's end.  Sheree Whitfield, the housewife responsible for designing the collection, was embarrassed on national television because her designs weren't ready in enough time before the big launch party.  Guests arrived anxious to view the designs, only to discover that they were at a fashion show with no "fashion".  How dreadful! (LOL! Gotta love "housewife" Dwight). She had the actual sketches of each design blown up and strategically placed around the room.  Since then, Sheree and her clothing line have been continuously ridiculed by the other housewives as well as fans of the show.  People have even gone as far as renaming it "Sh!t by Sheree" (lol)

Well, to everyone's surprise, She by Sheree was debuted during the 2009 New York Fashion Week.  Her designs were actually completed in enough time to make it down the runway.

Sheree (pictured front and center) with her models wearing She by Sheree
I must admit, the collection doesn't look half bad.  Here are some of my favorite designs that were featured at Fashion Week:

I REALLY like this jumpsuit and the statement necklace compliments the suit well.

This would be perfect for work if paired with a nice blazer.

I'd definitely wear the dress. I like the lace accent going down the front.  I also like the blue skirt. I like the lace top as well, but I don't know if I would wear it with that particular skirt

And here are some more pictures of the actual fashion show:



I would give Sheree an "A" for effort.  The collection actually looks a lot better than I expected.  But, there's always room for growth.  She made it to Fashion Week, so she must be doing something right.  "Congratulations" to Sheree and I wish her the best of luck with her clothing line.  What are your thoughts?

Check out the rest of the collection here



Photography by Stacie said...

she had that jumpsuit on, on the aftershow on Bravo..and I thought it was cute on her..would definitely consider this

Yakini said...

That jumpsuit is HOT!!! I may cop that, actually. I like a lot of her designs. Wow, what a pleasant surprise.

Now, the line that i was hurt by was Lisa Wu's Closet Freak. *smh* what a let down. The clothes/fabric look so cheap and Rainbow-esque. What a disappointment! I dont even know if its worth you blogging abotu it, cuz everything Ive seen on line has been wretched, except this: (and I'm not even 100S% sure that's from the Closet Freak line).

Fa'Shun Groupie said...

Yeah, Lisa's line did look a little cheap.