Monday, October 12, 2009

Real Men Wear Pink

During the month of October, the NFL will be supporting the fight against breast cancer with the Amercian Cancer Society and its campaign called "A Crucial Catch".  NFL players, coaches, and referees will be seen wearing pink game apparel such as gloves, wristbands, and cleats to raise awareness for the campaign.  All pink apparel worn at the games will later be auctioned off  at with proceeds benefitting the American Cancer Society.  So, if you were wondering why players have been wearing pink during any of the NFL games this season, you know why.

 NFL teams will be using footballs bearing the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon logo

Buffalo Bills Donte Whitner sporting a pink mouthpiece during a game

Cleveland Browns Running Back Jerome Harrison with a pink towel over his head during a game on October 4th.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Ryan Sims having a moment at a pink goal post pad before an October 4th game against the Washington Redskins

New England Patriots' Wide Receiver Randy Moss showing his support by wearing pink gloves

New England Patriots Tom Brady wearing pink cleats on the field during a warm-up before a game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Clifton Smith wears pink gloves and wristbands during an October 4th game against the Washington Redskins.

New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush showing his support in pink gloves, pink wrist bands, and pink cleats before and during a game.

Carolina Panthers DeAngelo Williams shown both on and off the field in pink apparel

In yesterday's game, the Philadelphia Eagles vs Tampa Bay Buccanners, Defensive End Trent Cole (#58) hits on QB Josh Johnson (#11) whole wearing pink gloves

And here Trent Cole is again celebrating his hit (shown above) on Josh Johnson

Matt Bryant of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers shown wearing a pink towel during an October 7th game

I am so thrilled to see the NFL take a stand in support of a very serious and worthy cause.  Also, I know how hard it is for some men to tap into their feminine side by wearing a color like pink while still displaying a level of masculinity.  I personally think men who are not afraid to wear what are considered to be feminine colors (i.e. pink, yellow, purple, etc) display a high level of confidence.  There's nothing more sexy than confidence in a man.

I'm glad these players are able to put their egos to the side for an entire month.  I especially admire the ones who went all out with the pink cleats, pink golves, and pink wristbands. You can tell the players who aren't in tune with their feminine side.  These are the ones u see with just a pink towel thrown over their head while sitting on the bench, lol!

I am an avid supporter of breast cancer myself.  I had a scare a few years back when I discovered a lump in one of my breasts.  Thank God it turned out to be benign (non-cancerous).  I have had family members on both sides die from some form of cancer, so there was a very high level of concern when I discovered the lump  But not every woman is as fortunate as I was.  That's why it is important for women to do self breast examinations starting in their 20's and to get regular mammograms after the age of 40.


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Anonymous said...

Omg! I cant believe these big, hardcore men are wearing pink, lol. I LOVE it though. Way to support the cause!