Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Last night I passed by several Halloween parties in Atlanta.  I saw so many unique and funny costumes. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home and didn't get to snap any pictures.  I also didn't get to take any pictures of my own costume, a sexy angel, which was created at the last minute.  I did take a couple at the event I ended up at last night.  I have to wait for the photographer to post them.  I saw a lot of Alice in Wonderlands, Lady Bugs, Bumble Bees, Angels, Little Red Riding Hood, etc, etc.  It was fun seeing the different variations of these popular costumes.

Between Facebook and Twitter, I saw a lot of costumes that people were showing off.  Here are the ones that stood out to me:

My friend over at The Prissy Mommy Chronicles    and her beautiful family dressed up as the Princess and the Frog.  She's Princess Tiana, Disney's first African-American princess.  Her adorable 1 year old son, Chase is the frog who once was a prince until an evil witch cast a spell upon him that turned him in a frog.  Her hubby is the handsome king that the frog turned into after receiving a kiss in the enchanted garden from Princess Tiana.

My friend Kim, went as Lady Gaga.  She totally nailed this costume.  I love it! She looks just like GaGa, lol!

Famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton also dressed up as Lady Gaga.  I think he also makes a good GaGa.

I found this on the web.  I think this Michael Jackson costume is hilarious.  Probably the most realistic MJ costume I've seen yet (minus the wide nose).  RIP MJ!


The RHOA had a costume party on Friday.  Here are Kim, Lisa, and Kandi.  I love Kim's rendition of Alice in Wonderland.

I saw this on someone's Twitter.  This is an Atlanta celebrity personal trainer dressed as Caster Semanya, the Olympic runner that had the big controversy surrounding "her" true gender. LOL! She totally nailed this one!

This is Atlanta photographer, Rob Ector, dressed as Kanye West at his Halloween party.  The woman next to him is Taylor Swift with her VMA Award in her hand, lol! Toooo funny!

And this is probably one of the most unique costumes I've seen yet.  This is model and former Flavor of Love and Charm School contestant Cristal Steverson.  This is very out-of-the-box.  You can tell a lot of thought was put into this.  I'm just wondering how she was able to go to the bathroom and breathe through this suit, lol!  The color totally rocks! Great job!

What were you for Halloween? I would love to hear about your costumes and see pictures as well. Do share!


Yakini said...

Omg, awesome post! I loved seeing all these unique costumes - my fav is your friend in the Lady Gaga costme. Sooo cute - loved it from head to toe!

Awww, thanks for featuring my lil Princess Tiana costume! I'd been planning that joint for a minute. So im very glad folks seemed to enjoy it, lol.

Girl in the green suit has a BANGIN body, that's all i know. I could never pull that costume off! lol

Fa'Shun Groupie said...

You're welcome. You guys did a good job and kudos to Derek for being such a good sport. I don't know too many men who would be willing to put on a costume like that, lol