Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Halloween Fun

I came across some more fun Halloween pictures of  some of our favorite celebs. I promise that this will be my last Halloween post regardless of what other pictures I come across on the net.

Rihanna was a Sexy Tiger.  She's pictured here with rapper Ice T's wife Coco at Nick Cannon and Mariah Cary's Halloween bash at M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC.  Not sure what Coco was supposed to be, but the costume is not too far from her regular every day attire.

The party hosts dressed as Angels.  Aww! How cute...

Beyonce was Spider woman. Cute!

Here Beyonce is pictured again (bottom front) with the rest of the party guests.

Angela Simmons was a very cute Minnie Mouse.  Loves it!

Teyana Taylor (pictured in the middle) was Shenehneh Jenkins (from the tv show Martin) and her friends were Bonquisha and Key Lo-Lo.  Frickin' Hee-Larry-Us! LOL!

Toooo funny! I want to know where she found that "Dookie Braid" wig from, lol!

Looks like fun times indeed! For pictures of more of your favorite celebs dressed up in Halloween costumes, check out Necole Bitchie's site here.



~Y said...

Omg!!!! These costumes are hysterical!!!

*smh* @ Coco. So not impressed.... like you said, she doesnt look that different at all, lol.

Simone S. said...

Look @ my girl Bey... Thanks my beeshh... oh... excuse me she's looking a little sasha fierce in this pic...