Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ken and Barbie Get Married

I came across these pictures over at glamour.com and thought they were sooo cute! Growing up, playing with Barbie dolls as a child, I can really appreciate the creativity that was put into this entire concept of a Ken and Barbie wedding.  French photographer Beatrice de Guigne did this "photo shoot" over a series of three days.  She spent two hours each day setting up the shoot which consisted of her propping the dolls up long enough to snap the shots. She said that she spent five minutes on each pose and when it was all said and done she had sore knees, back, and elbows.  I can imagine!  Along with this "fairytale" shoot, Beatrice created a fairytale storyline to go along with it:
After 50 years of dating, America's favorite couple, Ken and Barbie, finally tied the knot.  Barbie got tired of waiting on Ken to pop the question, so she went ahead and asked him for his hand in marriage.  The couple got married at Faraway Castle in Plasticity. As for the wedding attire, Barbie got her gown from The Fairy Godmother Shop and her shoes from the Cinderella Shop.  Ken got his wedding attire from The Prince Charming Emporium.
Too cute! I am literally tickled pink looking at all of these shots, lol!  Check out the pictures from Ken and Barbie's wedding album:

Barbie and her bridesmaids helping her slip into her beautiful wedding gown

One of the bridesmaids fixing Barbie's gorgeous train on her wedding gown.

Barbie's beautiful wedding gown

The bride's shoes.  What other color would they be besides pink?

Barbie stepping into her pink wedding shoes

While the bride was getting ready, Ken was also getting ready with help from his groomsmen

Ken chats with his groomsmen as they help him get ready for his big day

Almost ready...

One last finishing touch

This groom is ready to go meet his bride

Check out the shoes

As usual, it took much longer for the bride to get ready because she had to get her hair done prior to getting dressed.  She and her hairstylist discuss how they are going to style her hair.

Barbie's stylist going to work on her hair

The bride opted for something simple, yet elegant, with a single braid to the side.

Back view

Ken and Barbie say their vows at a small, private ceremony in front of their only guests, which were the bridal party that consisted of two bridesmaids and two groomsmen

The kiss!

Close-up of the kiss

The newly married couple!

The happy couple pictured with their bridal party.  Ken and Barbie had a very non-traditional wedding where the bridal party sat during the ceremony and the bride and groom sat down with one bridesmaid, while the rest of the bridal party stood, for the wedding party pictures.

Beautiful couple

The Bride poses in her wedding gown before the ceremony

The Bride and Groom took a few pictures together before the ceremony

They look so happy

Beautiful shot of the couple as the groom stares into the camera and the brides gazes off into space.


Great shot!

So in love...

Picture perfect!

Ken and Barbie along with their bridal party dined in style at the reception.  Look at the beautiful place settings!

This was an "alcohol free" reception

The couple enjoying their "First Dance"

Classic Black & White shot

Another classic B/W shot


Barbie is wearing that dress! I think Ken agrees, lol!

Ken and Barbie dance the night away with their friends

What a night to remember! Congrats to the happy couple!

Check out more beautiful shots from Ken and Barbie's wedding here


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