Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Versace Re-Issues Iconic Silk Print Shirts

Versace has re-issued a limited number of its classic printed silk shirts that were ever so popular in the 1990's.  The shirts will be available in all Versace stores worldwide as well as select department stores, boutiques and online shops.  Versace decided to re-release the classic silk shirts after seeing various runway collections  filled with obvious inspiration from its late 90's trend.

Here are pictures of the re-released iconic silk print shirts:

Rappers Tyga, Drake, and Flo-Rida were all spotted recently wearing silk Versace shirts:

Tyga wore this Versace Silk Barocca Print Shirt in a spread for Rap-Up Magazine

Tyga's Young Money label mate Drake wore the same Versace Silk Barocca Print shirt in a different color to his 25th birthday celebration at TAO

Rapper Flo-Rida was spotted in the same shirt at TAO as part of his Young Jeezy Halloween costume.  I have so many questions here: 1). Why is he dressing up as Jeezy for Halloween?  2). When has Jeezy ever worn a silk Versace shirt or anything silk for that matter? 3). Who would have even been able to guess that he was dressed as Jeezy?  Ok, I have so many more, but I'll stop there....

Lady Gaga wearing a classic silk print Versace shirt

And unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Versace is releasing a collection for H&M that will be available in  H&M stores November 19, 2011 at 8am.  Check out the full women and men's collection here


Yakini @ThePrissyMommy said...

Okay, i am cracking up that these shirts are being re-released! Goodness!!! I remember when they were out the first time. I wasnt a fan of them then, and not really big on them now. But definitely nostalgic for me. Remind me of the 90's, rocking to Biggie, college fashion shows, kicking it on the yard, etc. Sigh. The good old days.

Fashion Groupie said...

Yesssss! I remember we went to Vegas for a Tyson fight back in the 90's and EVERY dude that was out there had on a silk Versace shirt. A lot of them were fake though. But we were SO tired of seeing them shirts the entire weekend. It was ridiculous, lol! So yes, it does bring back some very fond memories.