Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

Tonight is a big night in Los Angeles.  The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards are going on right now as I type this.  I only look forward to the Red Carpet because I find the actual awards show rather long and boring.  So withouth further adieu, here are my Fave and 'Not So Fave' looks of the night.  Some of you may agree or disagree with me which is fine because we all have different tastes.

Best Dressed

I'm really loving Kim Kardashian's look.  I don't think I've ever seen her wear anything that I didn't like.  She tweeted earlier that she had a wardrobe malfunction.  Her zipper broke on her dress right before she was to appear on the red carpet and her stylist had to fix it for it. 

Her older sister Kourtney, was glowing on the red carpet with her very preggers belly.

Both sisters looked amazing!

A very preggers Heidi Klum looked stunning in this black gown.  Is it me, or does this chick STAY pregnant?

Olivia Wilde wore one of my favorite looks of the night. This look is very risque, which is what I like about it.  I love the back of the dress.  Gorgeous!

Vanessa Williams looks radiant in this gown.  I love this color! Does she ever age? I hope I look this good at 50.

Christina Applegate looks nice.  I like the color of this gown and the detailed beading at the waist. Very pretty.

Hayden Panettiere wore this red number.  I was torn about the look at first.  But the more I look at it, the more it works for me.  She's also pulling off the "red lip" again.

This is another one of my fave looks of the night.  Dancing With the Stars Karina Smirnoff  successfully pulled off the "all black everything" look in this black gown.  Loves it!

 I am really loving this purple gown worn by Lindsay Price.  Purple just so happens to be my favorite color. I love the dramatic draping at the bottom of the dress. I am also feeling the black satin strap and the brooch really adds nice detail to the dress. She looks absolutely stunning!

January Jones wore this white gown.  I really like the bustier top and the sheer detailing of it.  I also like the dramatic train at the bottom.

I like this dress that Kristen Chenoweth wore, but I don't think it is appropriate for the Emmys.  I think only long gowns should be worn to the Emmys.  But the dress is very cute and sparkly.

Now on to the worst looks of the night....

This dress that Shar Jackson wore is hideous.  I mean, what was she thinking when she put this on? She always looks a hot ass mess to me.  That purple clutch doesn't even go with this horrible ensemble.  What's priceless about this picture is the horrid look on the woman's face in the back. LOL!

I'm not feeling anything about this black and white polka dot look that Chloe Sevigny wore.

Jane Krakowski wore this shimmery number. Totally not feeling this.

I don't like this look on Sarah Silverman. The wide draping at the hips make her look huge. Her stylist needs to be fired.

At first I thought I liked this look from Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi.  Again, I was torn by the purple and the fact that I like purple and red together.  But, the more I look at this, it looks like she has something abnormal growing out the side of her hip.  The red roses look like they're in the way. I bet you she can't even put her hand on that side of her hip.  The dress would've been fine if it wasn't for the roses

Um, WTF Victoria Rowell? I love my President and all, but not enough to rock this monstrosity.  Is she serious? It literally looks like she took some fabric and wrapped it around her body.


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